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When I started working with Andrew, I didn’t even think it was possible to grow my sales to the level I’m doing now. I didn’t believe it. I worked 60-80 hours in my restaurant because I didn’t think anyone could do things as good as I could. I had no idea how someone would ever be able to have a second location, even though I’ve always wanted to own more. Now I see other restaurant owners struggling to survive, working even more hours than I was and barely able to make their rent payments right now. But I’m over here with higher sales, working less hours and less stress. Instead of struggling to survive I’m planning to expand! It’s all about the way I look at my business and working with Andrew really helped me change that. I know how I can still get things done at the restaurant even if I’m not there. I know how to put the right people in place and get them doing the right things, when before I had to do it all myself. I know how to bring my sales up, and now I have the time to be able to do it. If I hadn’t started working with Andrew, I wouldn’t be in this same place!


I had two locations originally, and I could never seem to get both of them performing at the same time. I would spend time at one, and then the other would suffer. Then I’d go fix up that location, and then I’d have to go back and do the same thing all over again. It was draining me financially, and personally because I was stressed out and never had the time I wanted to be with my family. I ended up selling one because I just didn’t know how to make both of them work. Then COVID hit, and I had to be home with my kids. I had no idea how I was going to be able to keep my business running when I wasn’t able to be there all the time. But now things at my store are better than they’ve ever been operationally, I feel less stressed than I’ve ever felt, and I’m able to have the time with my family that I was never able to have before. Working with Andrew has taught me how to do all of this. How to put the right people in place, how to free up my time so I become and owner and not an employee doing all the work myself. I hope to open up a second location in the future because I know how to make it work now! And If it hadn’t been for Andrew I wouldn’t be able to say that.


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